2023 Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards

We are now accepting entries for the 2023 program. Don’t miss this outstanding opportunity to be recognized for making a groundbreaking contribution to the vision and imaging industry. Your status as an Honoree validates your product, technology, application, or research and reinforces the quality of your products to existing — as well as potential — customers.

Honorees will be announced on May 22, 2023 at Automate  in Detroit, MI.

Submission Deadline: Extended to February 4, 2023

  • Submission Rates
    Entries Received through December 30th, 2022:  $545 per entry (Early Bird Rate)
    Entries Received on or after December 31st, 2022:  $645 per entry
    Submit Multiple Entries!  Three Entries Just $1,400


Cameras — Visible

Cameras — 3D

Cameras — Non-visible

Cameras — Specialty (High-speed, scientific)

Connectivity — Cables, connectors, extenders, interfaces, etc. 

Embedded Vision — Cameras, computers, boards, processors, development kit, components 

Frame Grabbers and Boards

Image Sensors

Lighting, Lenses, Optics


Test Equipment


Vision Systems


Sure it is an investment of time and effort to enter your product or service in the 2023 Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards, but it is time well spent. Below are just a few of the many benefits associated with entering this year’s reviews program.


Honorees have made a groundbreaking contribution to the vision and imaging industry and are recognized as leaders and innovators to the largest collection of vision and imaging professionals, with coverage in Vision Systems Design magazine as well as on vision-systems.com.


Being an honoree is validation of your product or technology, application, or research from a credible third party to the imaging industry. It’s a great way to reinforce the quality of your product to existing customers as well as potential customers.


Being recognized with a 2023 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award is an additional tool for your sales team to use as part of their sales pitch. Companies recognized with this prestigious distinction can better compete for business as recognized honorees are less risky for potential customers.


Honorees rise above the competition and instantly tell the vision and imaging industry their product or technology, application, or research has something unique and worthy of review.


Fully capitalize on your successful entry with announcements that grow your visibility in the industry. We even provide a press-release template to use to promote your honoree status.


Honorees are the proud recipients of the coveted Vision Systems Design Innovators Award to be highlighted at your booth during Industry Shows and then showcased in your company lobby. You’ll also be able to use the 2023 Vision Systems Design Innovators Award logo on your website and marketing literature to reinforce your success.


How To Submit

Creating An Account

  1. Login or create your account at this link.
  2. After you have created your account you’ll be prompted to submit your entry. Click here to begin your entry. If you are interrupted and don’t have time to complete your entry your entry will be saved as IN PROGRESS until you have time to complete it. If you forgot your password click “lost password”
    Any required fields that are not filled in will be highlighted in red when you hit SAVE
  3. ​When your entry is complete click ADD TO CART
  4. At this point, you can either ENTER ANOTHER SUBMISSION or CHECKOUT
  5. At CHECKOUT submit your credit card details and click PROCESS (Only click PROCESS one time!) 

Troubleshooting Your Electronic Entry

PROBLEM: I keep hitting SAVE but my entry is not saving

Try This: Review your entry and confirm any required field is filled in or checked.

PROBLEM: I did NOT receive a confirmation email after submitting my entry

  • Confirm you entered an accurate email address
  • Confirmation emails are sent once payment is submitted

Contact us at VSDIA@Endeavorb2b.com

Submission Rates

Entries Received through December 30th, 2022:  $545 per entry (Early Bird Rate)

Entries Received on our after December 31st, 2022:  $645 per entry

Submit Multiple Entries!  Three Entries Just $1,400

About the Process

Your Entry Form Will Ask You to Address the Following Questions:

The impact your product/system/technology has on designers, systems integrators, and/or end users. Areas to be addressed could include how it is original and innovative, how it fulfills a need in the market that hasn’t been addressed, increases productivity, leverages a novel technology, etc.

The unique features of this product/system/technology as it compares to existing solutions

You will also be asked a few optional items – that will NOT have an impact on the evaluation of your entry. The data below will be used for the awards presentation and editorial coverage of honorees in Vision Systems Design.

  • 50-word summary of your product/system technology
  • An image that represents your product, system or technology

Optional Items to Consider:

  • Testimonials by end-user customers
  • Video footage of the product/system in use at the application site (“Smartphone-quality” video is acceptable.)


If you haven’t yet completed (or started!) your entry, we have five tips that will ensure you put your best foot forward with our judging panel.

Identify a Product or Project Worth Bragging About
Our judging panel will review entries based on the extent to which they are innovative beyond previous products, technologies, systems, or approaches. We offer the following characteristics as suggestions. Use your entry as a way to explain how your submission innovates in any of the following ways—or in an interesting way we haven’t listed here.

    • Innovative approach to project, application or product design and implementation
    • Value to the user, measured by qualities such as ROI, loss prevention, business-efficiency gains, or other qualities
    • Sustainability, characterized by overall eco-friendliness, long-term value, lifecycle cost-effectiveness, or other measures
    • Meeting a defined need as a well-conceived, well-executed initiative that fully meets specific user requirements
    • Collaboration, which can include communication and cooperation throughout the value chain through which the product or system is procured or deployed
    • Impact, which can be identified by describing the difference the project, application or product made on the professionals involved, on the productivity of its ultimate users, and/or on society as a whole
    • Any other characteristic you can specify. The program exists to honor the innovations and beyond-the-norm thinking of professionals like you

Block Time Out on Your Calendar
Map out some time on your schedule so you can focus on your entry.

Download a Preview of the Entry Form and Compile Your Answers Before Completing the Online Entry
Once you’ve compiled your data, review your draft and confirm it clearly demonstrates one of the following criteria: innovation, value to the user, sustainability, meeting a defined need, collaboration, impact.

Include Supporting Documentation
Whether it’s photos, video, specification sheets, technical descriptions or any documentation you can make available, our judging panel will review all material from each submission. Testimonials from users and other professionals involved—whether they go on the record or prefer to remain anonymous—are valuable and encouraged. Take the opportunity to “show and tell” by providing as much supporting documentation as you can to let us know what separates your entry from the crowd.

Use Specific, Quantitative and Instantly Credible Language
Avoid the urge to just copy and paste the text from your marketing collateral or website.

Be Sure to Answer the Following Questions About the Product/System/Technology:
How does your product/system/technology help designers, systems integrators, and/or end users meet their objectives? How does it reduce operational expenses and/or develop new revenue sources? What are the unique features of the product/system/technology as it compares to competing solutions? What makes it innovative? Does it fulfill a need in the market that hasn’t previously been addressed? Does it increase productivity? Does it leverage a novel technology?

Get Input From the Technical/Engineering Team
Provide specific examples of how the development impacts the structured cabling community.

Celebrate Your Customers And Partners
When describing your product or project, use the entry as an opportunity to recognize your customers and your installation partners who deliver your products and systems to the market. Your customers can gain recognition as forward-thinking, problem-solving organizations that employ innovative technologies to optimize their business performance. And including your installation partners in the story emphasizes your company’s commitment to deploying systems with high-quality workmanship and top-notch expertise.

Call or eMail if We Can Help You
Chris McLoone is available to discuss anything that can help you complete an entry. He can be reached at cmcloone@endeavorb2b.com.


  • Submission Rates
    Entries Received through December 30th, 2022:  $545 per entry (Early Bird Rate)
    Entries Received on or after December 31st, 2022:  $645 per entry
    Submit Multiple Entries!  Three Entries Just $1,400
  • Who can submit?
    Any new product released in past 18 months prior to submission deadline.
  • Worried about non-disclosure agreements?
    If you have an application that you would like to submit but are worried that a non-disclosure agreement will prevent you from doing so, feel free to refer to the parties involved in general terms.
  • Do you have a question about whether your product or application would be a worthy entrant, or where it might fit?
    Reach out on questions like these and any other by contacting Editor in Chief, Chris McLoone.
  • When are Honorees notified?
    Honorees will be notified in 2023. The results of this international awards program will be announced by Vision Systems Design Editorial Staff and Group Publisher. Honorees will be announced on May 22, 2023 at Automate in Detroit, MI.

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