2022 LEDs Magazine BrightStar Awards Call for Entries

Honoring innovative LED and solid-state lighting technologies across the supply and design chain

The LEDs Magazine BrightStar Awards — formerly the Sapphire Awards — is focused on recognizing ingenuity in products, addressing five key factors: performance, reliability, efficiency, ease of integration/use, and innovation.

Entry Deadlines:
Early Bird: April 15, 2022
Final: April 27, 2022

Submission Rates

  • Early Entries Received through April 15: $495 per entry (Early Bird Rate)
  • Entries Received after April 15: $595 per entry
  • Submit Multiple Entries! Get a multi-entry discount of $100 off subsequent entries.


Reference these descriptions and examples in determining where your product submission fits into the LEDs Magazine BrightStar Awards categories. Note that the submission form will initially require the contact information for the person responsible for submitting the entry, as well as a company management or C-level contact, before the submission can be completed. The company contact should be the person the LEDs Magazine team will notify regarding an award once entries are evaluated.

LED Light Sources

Includes standalone LED devices, whether surface-mount, chip-on-board (COB), chip-scale package (CSP), or other technologies; mini and micro LEDs; OLEDs and panels for integration; modular LED light engines/arrays; tunable LEDs and light engines/arrays.


LED & SSL Components, Design Tools, and Materials

Includes power electronics/power supplies such as LED drivers; integrated circuits, microcontrollers, driver ICs, color sensors; optical materials/components such as optics, lenses, waveguides, and diffusers; interconnect technologies; thermal management materials and devices; assembly materials such as bonding agents, encapsulants, etc.; design, test & measurement tools such as software, spectrometers, goniometers, integrating spheres, metrology systems, etc.


Connected SSL, Software, & Controls

Includes lighting/system control software; commissioning tools; connectivity hardware; smart sensors (photosensors, occupancy sensors, environmental sensors), modules, switches, and other enabling technologies that feature in a larger wired or wireless networked lighting installation; fully integrated smart systems that deliver smart building/city applications such as indoor location/positioning services, asset tracking and control; dynamic lighting/shading systems, etc.


Indoor SSL

All LED fixtures, lamps, and luminaires rated and intended for indoor application only, commercial or residential. Includes architectural and indoor decorative products (linear cove, accent, and others) as well as task lighting, ambient lighting, troffers, pendants, downlights, etc.

Outdoor SSL

All LED fixtures and luminaires rated and intended for outdoor application only. Includes exterior area and street lighting, exterior architectural lighting, façade lighting, landscape lighting, pedestrian-scale lighting, wall-washers, etc.


Circadian Lighting Technologies

Includes lighting products and technologies developed to deliver features that support human circadian rhythms and wellbeing — dynamic spectrum, high light quality, low glare, variable light levels, meeting standardized metrics that certify outcomes for wellbeing in the built environment (WELL Building standard being one example).


Horticultural SSL & Controls Systems

Includes packaged LEDs that deliver wavelengths specifically designed to support plant health and growing operations; finished SSL fixtures for horticultural, agricultural, livestock, and cannabis operations; lighting product and control ecosystems that monitor and adjust light for programmed conditions.


LED-based Disinfection Technologies

Includes ultraviolet (UV) and visible-light LEDs and systems for air or surface microbial management/germicidal application or water purification.


Specialty SSL & System Technologies

Includes emergency SSL luminaires, modules, drivers, battery backup implementations that enable safe ingress/egress from a facility in case of power loss; LED fixtures/luminaires designed for use in harsh industrial conditions; machine vision/industrial inspection lighting; medical/life science research lighting; automotive LEDs, modules, SSL electronics, and sensors; and high-lumen-output lighting for sports, entertainment, and broadcast applications.



When you enter your products in LEDs Magazine 2022 BrightStar Awards program, they will receive repeated, positive exposure in the LED and lighting markets. Honorees have made a commercial impact on advancing LED and SSL technology and applications and will be covered on ledsmagazine.com and in our July/August issue.


Being an honoree is validation of your offering from a respected authority in the LED and SSL industry. It’s a terrific way to reinforce the value of your product to existing and potential customers.


Being recognized with an LEDs Magazine BrightStar Award is an additional tool for your sales team to use as part of their sales pitch. We’ll provide logos and press release information to help you promote your awards recognition.


Honorees are the proud recipients of an LEDs Magazine BrightStar Award trophy to be highlighted at your booth during LightFair International 2022 and then showcased at your company. You’ll also be able to use the awards logo on your website and marketing literature to reinforce your success.


Creating An Account

  1. Login or create your account at this link
  2. After you have created your account you’ll be prompted to submit your entry. Click here to begin your entry. IIf you are interrupted and don’t have time to complete your entry, it will be saved as IN PROGRESS until you have time to complete it. If you forgot your password, click “lost password”
    Any required fields that are not filled in will be highlighted in red when you hit SAVE.
  3. ​When your entry is complete click ADD TO CART
  4. At this point, you can either ENTER ANOTHER SUBMISSION or CHECKOUT
  5. At CHECKOUT, submit your credit card details and click PROCESS (Only click PROCESS one time!) 

Submission Rates

  • Early Entries Received through April 15: $495 per entry (Early Bird Rate)
  • Entries Received after April 15: $595 per entry
  • Submit Multiple Entries! Get a multi-entry discount of $100 off subsequent entries.

Troubleshooting Your Electronic Entry

PROBLEM: I keep hitting SAVE but my entry is not saving

Try This: Review your entry and confirm any required field is filled in or checked.

PROBLEM: I did NOT receive a confirmation email after submitting my entry

  • Confirm you entered an accurate email address
  • Confirmation emails are sent once payment is submitted



Our judging panel will review entries based on some combination of the following:

  • The impact your product/system/technology has on designers, systems integrators, and/or end users.
  • Areas to be addressed could include how it is original and innovative, how it fulfills a need in the market that hasn’t been addressed, increases productivity, leverages a novel technology, etc.
  • The unique features of this product/system/technology as it compares to existing solutions

Avoid the temptation to simply copy and paste marketing materials. Please address the following in your entry, as relevant to product type:

  • Commercial availability (Product must have been released within the timeframe from April 1, 2021–March 11, 2022)
  • Energy efficiency and/or sustainability (Ability to minimize energy consumption, maximize system efficiency in its intended application, reduce lifecycle costs and/or maintenance, modularity, etc.)
  • Improvements to performance or features over previously available products (May include color quality, color rendering, luminous efficacy, wall-plug efficiency, spectral power distribution, radiometric power, physical robustness/ratings, extended control feature set, security features, etc.)
  • Value to the user (Measured by return on investment, business-efficiency gains, reduction of operational expenses, ease of use or integration, etc.)
  • Innovation in enabling emerging applications or advancing existing applications (new form factors in lighting; integration of multiple feature sets that previously required separate components; addressing specific metrics, standards, industry best practices, etc.)

Materials to include

  • High-resolution images (3 max)
  • Product specification sheets
  • IES files as appropriate
  • Video links if available
  • End-user/integrator testimonials if available (may be anonymous)

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