2023 BTR Diamond Technology Reviews

The Diamond Technology Reviews carries on Broadband Technology Report’s tradition of recognizing innovation in broadband communications, video transmission, and related technologies.

Early-Bird Entry Deadline:
June 2, 2023 | $795 per entry

Final Entry Deadline EXTENDED:
June 30, 2023 | $895 per entry

How it Works

Broadband Technology Report invites vendors to submit information, photos, and spec sheets about top products and solutions that have been released or upgraded since the 2022 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo. Members of the independent Diamond Technology Reviews judging panel will evaluate each entry based on its uniqueness, innovation, ease of use, efficiency, reliability, and contribution to profitability.

Judges assign each entry they review a score of 1-5 Diamonds (with 5 Diamonds the best mark possible), as well as to provide their technical opinions about the entries. The scores for each entry are then averaged; entries that receive an average of 3.5 Diamonds or above are considered Diamond Technology Reviews Honorees.


• Active Network Hardware
• Back Office
• Cabling & Accessories
• CCAP Systems
• Content Discovery
• Field Test Instruments
• FTTH/Optical Access Platforms
• Monitoring & Analysis

• Network-Level Test Instruments
• Optical Transport/Carrier Ethernet
• SDN/NFV/Cloud
• Video Content Security
• Video Distribution Solutions
• Video Processing Solutions
• WiFi Solutions
• Mobile Networking
• Installation & Engineering Services


Sure it is an investment of time and effort to enter your product or service in the 2023 BTR Diamond Technology Reviews program, but it is time well spent. Below are just a few of the many benefits associated with entering this year’s reviews program.


Honorees have made a groundbreaking contribution to the broadband cable industry and are recognized as leaders and innovators to the largest collection of broadband networking professionals, with coverage on


Being an honoree is validation of your product or service from a credible third party to the broadband cable industry. It’s a great way to reinforce the quality of your product or service to existing customers as well as potential customers.


Being recognized with a 2023 Diamond Technology Reviews Award is an additional tool for your sales team to use as part of their sales pitch. Companies recognized with this prestigious distinction can better compete for business as recognized honorees are less risky for potential customers.


Honorees rise above the competition and instantly tell the broadband cable industry their project, product or application has something unique and worthy of review.


Fully capitalize on your successful entry with announcements that grow your visibility in the industry. We even provide a press-release template to use to promote your honoree status.

Additionally, Honorees will be featured in the BTR at The Show Product News publication, eNewsletters, and on following the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo.


Honorees are the proud recipients of the coveted 2023 BTR Diamond Technology Reviews Award to be celebrated at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo and then showcased in your company lobby. You’ll also be able to use the 2023 BTR Diamond Technology Reviews Award logo on your website and marketing literature to reinforce your success.


How To Submit

Creating An Account

  1. Login or create your account using the form on the left
  2. After you have created your account you’ll be prompted to submit your entry. Click here to begin your entry. If you are interrupted and don’t have time to complete your entry your entry will be saved as IN PROGRESS until you have time to complete it.If you forgot your password click “lost password”Any required fields that are not filled in will be highlighted in red when you hit SAVE
  3. ​When your entry is complete click ADD TO CART
  4. At this point, you can either ENTER ANOTHER SUBMISSION or CHECKOUT
  5. At CHECKOUT submit your credit card details and click PROCESS (Only click PROCESS one time!) 

Submission Rates

  • Early Bird Entry Rate:
    $795 per entry received on or before June 2.
  • Regular Entry Rate
    (Final Deadline is June 30th):
    $895 per entry

Troubleshooting Your Electronic Entry

PROBLEM: I keep hitting SAVE but my entry is not saving

Try This: Review your entry and confirm any required field is filled in or checked.

PROBLEM: I did NOT receive a confirmation email after submitting my entry

  • Confirm you entered an accurate email address
  • Confirmation emails are sent once payment is submitted
  • Check your SPAM folder
  • Have your IT department whitelist the following IP address:

Selection Process

Each Diamond Tech Reviews Entry Should Address the Following:

  1. How your product/service/software helps customers meet their objectives, reduce operational expenses and/or develop new revenue sources.
  2. The unique features of this product or solutions as it compares to competing solutions

Information requested on the electronic submission form:

  • Contact details of the person submitting the form
  • Company name and product/application name of the entry
  • You will also be asked to describe the following:
    • How your product/service/software helps broadband cable engineers reduce operational expenses and/or develop new revenue sources
    • The unique features of this product as it compares to competing solutions

Make Sure to Include the Following in Your Judges Packet:

  • A spec sheet – detailing the parameters the product or service is designed to meet.
  • A brief technical description of how the product works.
  • A photo or photos

Please Note: No more than 5 extra pages of documentation, including spec sheets, are allowed. Pictures, diagrams and/or charts do not count toward your 5 pages.

Optional Items to Consider:

  • Testimonials by users
  • Simple brief that summarizes the ability of this product, and how it differentiates itself from the competition
  • Photos and diagrams, particularly block diagrams or flow charts that help describe how the product or service works


We want your entry to be as powerful and impressive as possible. Here are a few tips that will let the judges see your entry in the most favorable light.

  • Block time out on your calendar. Map out some time on your schedule so you can focus on your entry.
  • Use specific, quantitative and instantly credible language. Avoid the urge to just copy and paste the text from your marketing collateral or website.
  • Be sure to answer the following questions about the product/service/software. How does your product/service/software helps customers meet their objectives? How does it reduce operational expenses and/or develop new revenue sources? What are the unique features of this product as it compares to competing solutions? What makes it innovative?
  • Get input from the technical/engineering team. Coworkers at your company can help provide specific examples on how the development impacts the broadband cabling community
  • Download a preview of the entry form and compile your answers before completing the online entry. Once you’ve compiled your data review your draft and confirm it clearly demonstrates one of the following criteria: Originality, Innovation, Positive impact on the customer, How well it addresses a new or existing requirement, Novelty of approach, Cost-effectiveness.
  • Back up your claims with supporting evidence such as charts, tables, or testimonials. Make it as easy as possible for the judges to look at your entry in the most favorable light.
  • Call or email if we can help! Stephen Hardy is available to discuss anything that can help you complete an entry. He can be reached at or 603 891-9454.


  • Submission Rates
    Early Bird Entry Rate (ON or BEFORE June 2): $795 per entry
    Regular Entry Rate (Final Deadline is June 30): $895 per entry


  • Is there a discount for submitting multiple entries?
    Yes, enter three or more entries and save 10% off your total order.


  • When do I need to submit my entry?
    To receive the early-bird discount, entries are due by May 27th. All entries are due June 30th.


  • Worried about non-disclosure agreements?
    If you have an application that you would like to enter, but are worried that a non-disclosure agreement with a customer will prevent you from doing so, feel free to refer to the parties involved in general terms.


  • Are only new products reviewed?
    Products introduced after October 1, 2021 are eligible for submission, however products that have received a major upgrade since that time can be evaluated as well. When entering a product for consideration based on a recent upgrade, that upgrade should be emphasized in your entry materials.


  • Do you have a question about whether your product or application would be a worthy entrant, or where it might fit?
    Reach out on questions like these and any other by contacting Broadband Technology Report Editorial Director Stephen Hardy at

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